The Seven Wonders In Man


When you think of a man, you must also think the following seven wonders associated with him/her:

The first wonder wonder is that a man is aware about his inevitable death, yet he indulges in laughter and merriment.

Secondly, a man knows that everything has been predestined yet he laments over the loss of something.

A man also has been warned and has the full knowledge about the fire of Hell but he continues to sin.

A man knows that this world will come to an end but still hankers after it.

Man believes in the Reckoning of the hereafter but still persists in amazing wealth.

Declaring his belief in the unity and oneness of Allah, yet man remembers others besides Allah.

Lastly, man believes in Jannah but still finds pleasure in the idle pursuits of this fleeting world.

Are you one of the group? Then what do you think?