The Significance of Friday Prayer (Jumuah)


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In Islam, Friday is considered the best of the Days, as this is a day when Muslims perform their Jumua Prayer.

This day, is most significant because it has high value in Islam and just a ritual including social and political significances. It is obligatory for every Muslim other than women, children, seriously ill people and travelers even though Jumuah is recommended for all.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) confirms this in his hadith where he says:

“A person who takes bath on Friday, uses oil and perfume, goes to the mosque early in the afternoon, takes his place quietly without pushing or disturbing people, prays optional prayers as much as to his ability and sits quietly listening to the Khutbah, will be forgiven his sins between that Jumuah and the next Jumuah.” (Bukhari)

However, the Prophet Muhammad has severely warned anyone not attending the Jumuah prayer without valid reason and he said:

“I wish to go to the houses of those who missed the Friday prayer and set fire to their houses with them inside.” (Muslim, Ahmad)

He also added saying that: “Allah puts a seal to the heart of one who leaves 3 Friday prayers consecutively” (Ahmad, Tirmizi, Abu Dawud)

Therefore, there are a lot of things which are supposed to be observed on Friday. Going early to the Friday is one of them and is a highly praised and recommended act.

Abu Hurairah reports: “On Friday the angels stand at the door of the mosque and write down the names of the people in the order they come for the Friday prayer. The first group of people who enter will get the reward of (sacrificing) a camel, the next will get that of a cow, the next will receive the reward of a ram, then chicken, egg and so on till the Imam starts the sermon (Khutbah). Then the angels close their registers and sit to listen to the Khutbah.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Before praying Jumuah, cleanliness is to be observed. Pray at least 2 Rakats before the Jumuah before one sits down after entering the mosque, even if one arrives after the Imam has started the sermon.

Praying Jumuah Prayer

Jumuah prayer is done in lieu of the normal Dhuhr prayer on other days. Jumuah prayer has two Azans and one Iqamat. The first Azan is given a little while before the sermon starts and the second is given just before the sermon, while the Iqamat is given before the actual prayer. Jumuah prayer is of 2 rakats. Unlike other day prayers the Qirat (recital of Fatihah and from the Quran following it) is done loudly.

One should listen to the sermon attentively and should strictly avoid any talking during its course.

If one joins the prayer after one rakat is over he should compensate it after the salutation of the congregation (as done normally in other prayers). If one arrives after the Jumuah prayer is over he has to offer the 4 rakat fard of Zuhr.

After the Jumuah prayer is over one can prayer 2 rakats, or even 4 or 6 rakats, as per the practice of the Prophet.

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