TNM announces a 10-day mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination


A mobile telecommunication company, TNM has announced the new measures of enhancing compliance to Covid-19 vaccination directing all of its employees to visit their nearest health facility to receive the vaccination with effect from 25th August 2021.

The announcement has come following the bad and shocking news that the company’s vaccination report for this week has shown that less than 130 employees have so far received the Covid-19 vaccination.

TNM has since given its employees to be vaccinated within 10 working days and update the company of their vaccination status saying all employees will upon the lapse of the 10-day vaccination period be required to deposit copies of their vaccine certificates or formalities with the Human Resources Division.

The company has warned the employees who are not eligible to receive the vaccination to show such cause through written submission or medical reports to the company, granting them the opportunity to demonstrate their love and care for themselves, their families, their work colleagues, and their customers by getting vaccinated.

In a message to the TNM family signed by its Chief Executive Officer, Arnold M’bwana, TNM says worldwide, many organizations and companies are taking drastic measures against unvaccinated employees saying some employers have gone for a ‘’No vaccine, no work’’ policy.

TNM says it is acknowledging that employees have rights and one such right is that of to life for them, their loved ones, and customers advising them that as they can continue to serve TNM customers and interact with their work colleagues, there is an obligation to ensure the safety of these work colleagues and customers.

“We cannot exercise the so-called ‘’No jab right’’ without considering the implications on ourselves, our families, our work colleagues, and customers, “reads the message in part.