Two Malawian Muslims Graduate from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University

Jubilant Maulidi

Muhammad Akili Maulidi and Yusuf Miraj Ahmad have become some of the few Malawian Muslims to graduate from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Maulidi has graduated in Bachelors of Arts degree in Libraries and Informational Technology while Ahmad has graduated in Islamic Shariah (Law).

Since its establishment, many Muslims from different countries including Malawi have attained their tertiary education from Al-Azhar University.

The first Malawian student to be enrolled was Dr Salmin Omar in 1980s who is the current Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Secretary General. But with other students, Dr Omar got scholarships to proceed their higher education in different countries.

Maulidi who is also Malawi Muslims official website Senior Writer said he was delighted that he has finally achieved a feat that has been his ambition.

“The excellence education that I have attained here has increased my knowledge as such readers should expect more educative articles from all corners of life; religious, social, political and economic from an Islamic perspective,” he told from Cairo.

The 24-year old Muslim writer who hails from Salima district joined Malawi Muslims official website in 2010 and has written hundreds of Islamic articles on different subjects.

Meanwhile, Malawi Muslims official website Chief Executive Officer Marshall Dyton has since congratulated Maulidi for attaining such a high qualification.

“His graduation is a major boost to us as Malawi Muslims Official Website especially this time when we plan to add more features on the website which will require more dedicated and hardworking people like Muhammad Maulidi,” he said.

“Maulidi is one of the few Muslim writers who have made Malawi Muslims website to be where it is now. When other Muslims were reluctant to write articles for free, Maulidi alongside other brothers have been writing Islamic articles on voluntary basis – a great job that needs a credit. I wish him all the best and still expect more from him,” added the CEO.

Some of Malawian Muslims who are the products of Al-Azhar University are former Member of Parliament Said Wanja Mjaidi, Jafar Muhammad Wamila, Yunusu Imran Kamwana and Amin Issah Mafunga.


  1. We need a lot of Muslim graduates from renowned universities like Al-Azhal university. Congratulations and wishing you all the best.

  2. Here comes my brother, I congratulate you for this great accomplishment which is done once in a blue moon, especially by Malawians at Al-Azhar, the world’s oldest Islamic University which continues to evolve for more than 1000 years.
    The great role you played in the Malawian community here at school remains a remarkable example for us and I hope you are going to be the best window of Al-Al-Azhar University in Malawi.
    Proudly wishing you the best of luck, May Allah bless you – maa tensaash habeebak waraa – Rabbuna yokhalleik-mabrook! (as we say it here)

  3. congratulations and all the best brothers.may Allah give you barakah.this is what we muslims should be proud of.

  4. Welcome brother to the world of Librarians in Malawi. I am happy to hear that you have graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Libraries and Information technology. Infact, I am one of the graduates in this field and I am interested to communicate with you so that we share experiences. Congratulations for the wonderful success and May Allah Guide you.


  5. This is good news. We are realy getting out of the belief that muslims are not educated. Now we can walk shouder high.

  6. I thank you all for your best wishes, I really don't take this for granted. May the Almighty Allah bless the Ummah with more and more educated members of this community so that we can overcome the problems facing the Muslim community from diffeent dimensions. Remember my dear brothers and sisters in Allah, the only solution to all the problems Muslim communities are under-going is education education nothing but education be it religious or secular. Forget not my dear Ummah, the first verse in the Holy Qur'an speaks about education, even our beloved Prophet the leader of humankind from whom we learn the way of life in both worlds highlighted the importance of education by saying: Seeking of knowledge is compulsory for Muslim male and female. May Allah bless the Ummah with educated members, ameen ameen.

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