Two Parallel Ijtmah Committees Merge


    [dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]T[/dropcap]wo parallel committees that were formed to be responsible for this year’s Ijtma have merged following the meeting held yesterday.

    The meeting which took place at Malawi Sun Hotel agreed to have one committee that will be responsible for the annual event which is scheduled to take place in Blantyre.

    Following this development, Lilongwe’s business magnet Biton Ajawa has maintained his chairmanship role with Al Manasik Tours and Travel Director Sheikh Aman Matiya as his deputy. Yahya Mmadi is the secretary general and is being deputised by Omar Ndeketa.

    Disagreements arose following two separate and different media announcements by the National Islamic Ijtmah. One committee was headed by Central Region MAM chairman Richard Banda, endorsed by MAM national chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad while the other was headed by Biton Ajawa who is also the association’s executive member, endorsed by concerned Muslims.

    The development brought confusion in the Muslim community as Muslims were unable to understand what was happening.

    This forced the two parties to initiate talks that led to successful negotiations.

    However, during the talks, it was observed that the disagreements arose as the result of difference in opinion between Ajawa and the MAM national chairman on administrative issues.

    “It was also observed that the disagreement was taken over by what seemed to be individuals with their own agenda and inflated it out of proportion for one side or the other for perceived, real or imagined favours,” said Onile the National Ijtmah Committee Publicity Secretary.

    The full list of the members for the new Ijtmah committee will be released soon.


    1. now it becomes difficult to make comments on events in our Muslim community.However, i still stand film by my earlier comment that we should respect leardership.Because at the end of five years we will not judge the rebels.we will judge the leadership.and the rebels will come and woo for our votes using the same problems they are mean during the times of the Khaliphate of Ummar(RA) etc postings couldnt change? MAM's leadership hasnt been given powers yet.there is just too much opposition.Now that MAM has bowed down to the cries of the other committee, let's recognise that the leadership is indeed after's working for the betterness of the Muslim Community.otherwise, where would the other committee get powers to wresle with MAM?afterall you have told us that some of the people that were included in the other committee denied the alegations of their some people are powerful than MAM.this is sad.if you disagree, all you have to do is to form a pararel organisation and call it legal, then MAM should come on its bended knees?
      Also, get enough evidence before telling us some of these stories because you Mentioned Sheikh Shareef as heading the other committee, although he disappeared on its list of positions, only to appear as a, you are silent about his should have cleared his name.Maybe the brother's conduct on the issue of resignation from the post of secretary general was not good.but should we keep tarnishing his immage?if i start my own committee, i am sure he will head it.

    2. I for one donot like commenting on these issues but Iam totally stressed with what is happening in Malawi. All what I hear are bad stories about Muslims, what is wrong you people? Do you mean you dont know the History of Ijtima in Malawi, how it has been conducted.If you dont know anything, then consult the work of the late Valiant Mussa and I which we wrote some years ago. Read it with sober minds.

      Unite and dont divide Muslims. If you continue dividing Muslims, I believe that non- Muslims will take advantages/chances to further divide you. I know that some Muslims will fail to understand to what Iam saying here. Check to what non-Muslims have been writing about Muslims for the past years.There are books written about Muslims in Malawi, read those works and you will see what they think about Islam.

      The most unfortunate thing is that some Muslims donot like reading but they just air their views without giving facts.Ijtma unites Muslims. Ijtima should not play a role of dividing the Ummah.

      Please stop quarrelling and start concentrating on the socioeconomic status of Muslims in Malawi. Think about education, health, agriculture rather than fighting for positions in order to make names in this world. Some of you made names some years ago.We know and respect you, come together and hold hands.Donot leave someone a cross the flooded river but throw the rope to him.

      Hating someone will take us nowhere, you will just incur the wrath of God.Change our atittude towards one another, donot look at a fellow Muslim as inferior but utilise his thinking capacity.If is better to utilise both cultural capital and financial capital of people in this case.

      I hope you will understand me

    3. If i may ask. Is it about money or what? Why do people want to make money in the name of Islam? Dont you people have things to do? I fail to understand even the "fight" over who is "MUFTI" between Abass and Dr. Sharif. How much money do you earn by being a mufti? Can you find a job and earn that same money? Does it mean that if you are not mufti then you wont enter janna? I am so disappointed with the Islamic leadership. Here in Lilongwe, we are very united at grassroots. But at national level, Islam is so divided. Why? Should organising an ijtma be a source of conflicts. MAY ALLAH SAVE US


      What is happening here typically reflect that we Muslims are
      interested in issues that bring personal good than those that will bring
      collective benefit. As such we choose to operate with no explicit values and
      rules so that whenever we want to promote our ambitions or we are against
      someone personally we can capitalize the available weaknesses with even a
      support of other fellow Muslims. Why did we have two committees in the first
      place is because we do not regard ourselves as collectivities but
      individualism. I even tend to wonder why we claim to have a mother body yet
      that body does not seem to work in line with that status. The office and its organisational
      structure can even tell that it is there to blind ford Muslims that they have a
      mother yet there so many programmes which the government is engaged in but
      there is no representation at all. It’s high time that the so called mother
      body holds itself accountable to all Muslims and this coming Ijtimah should be
      used to that. Look at what is happening in MAM’s educational institution, the
      educational policies initiated by the government, the problems Muslim workers
      are experiencing in different work places. Set a standard and make it known to Muslims
      so that we should be able to measure performance. Let MAM know the environment
      in which the body is expected to operate then utilize the best out of it.

    5. If I may be given chance to say something on Ijtimah issue my standpoint will be “NO TO IJTIMA”  this is to contend that since this historical program started I  personally  don’t see its fruits; don’t quote me wrong by saying this, I can justify my argument. The Mawaza (ulaliki) done in these ijtimahs is what people hear in every Friday prayers and in Dawah gatherrings and if  not every day prayers and Radio Islam is playing a vibrant role in this context; zamaliro, corruption, zaukwati, Jannah and jahannam are some of the issues which Sheikhs bring to Ijtimah. Yes without any mere doubt where Muslim gather and remember Allah Angels make Dua for them and Allah pour blessings upon them but does this mean that they should abandon their Dunya? I don’t think so! Annual general meeting of that caliber should and must encompass all variety of issues affecting the Muslim Ummah ranging from politics to economy. 

      People and Sheikhs come from all over the country but nothing is done to address these essential issues. Kodi anzathu amipingo yinayi sitimawawona zomwe amachita? They utilize general meetings as forums where hot issues are seriously tackled nanga ife bwanji? No wander everything is passing through our mouth since we don’t involve ourselves in matters of national interest . Range of issues of national interest we ignore as if we are living in another planet. How far do we expect to be included when we don’t contribute? No food for lazy Man!

      I therefore suggest that Ijtima if it has to be maintained should be a forum and platform where issues not only Mawaiza should be discussed.  Wise Ummah prepare for both Dunyah and hereafter.Change the system and style of Ijtimah if not according to me then let it go; abolish it!
      And you people struggling for the position, how far do you think will you keep on doing this? You forget that we had people who did the same but where are they today? I think Muslims of this country are tired with your names, ponder and choose your fate! Allah is closely watching you and one day things will turn upside down!

    6. Why z it that whenever there is Ajawa in the committee the MAM chairman distance himself from this committee, i think the chairman has something hidden, this is not the first time, i think tinasankha olakwika cholinga ndikutchuka komanso kupeza ndalama not leading the Muslim Ummah in Malawi, a chairman muzichita manyazi pena, nthawi zonse musamakhale inu oyambisa mapokoso.

      Kodi chairman wa Ijtma chaka chatha simunamusokoneza ndi inu nomwe mpaka Ijtma kukanika panonso mukufuna musokoneza koma ndinudi Msilamu kapena mu Nafiku, mukungofuna kutionongera Chipembezo, chilowereni pa mpando palibe cholongosoka chomwe mukupanga, zikakhala nkhani za Zakaat zikulongosoka chifukwa cha anthu aku central region otherwise bwezi pano kulibe zimene zija

      conclusion now; Ngati muli munafiku chonde tulani pansi udindo chifukwa mulungu akukhanthani komanso ngati mukuona kuti simbali yanu za deenzi ndibwino kungopita kukayamba ndale zomwe mumafunazo, chifukwa siandale amene angapangitse chisilamu kutukuka, chifukwa chani mumafuna andale nthawi zonse mukupanga zinthu kuli anthu amene amalalikira ngati achina Mufti Menk call those guys to be guest of honour in our functions rather thatn Kachali what for, atiuza chani cha deen ameneyo.

      Mulungu akukantheni a Chairman pamodzi ndi Salmin Omar ngati cholinga chanu ndikufuna kulemera pozatula pansi maudindo osati kuthandiza chisilamu kuti chikwere mmalawi Ameeeeeeen

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