U.S Government Warns Pastor Terry Jones for His “Burn Quran Day” Plan


Photo: US Deputy ambassador, Lisa Vickers

US Deputy Ambassador to Malawi, Lisa Vickers said US government strongly condemns White Dove Outreach Church pastor’s plan to Burn a Quran and warned he will face legal action against if this continues to be true.

The Deputy Ambassador said this during press conference after the dinner which US Embassy organized for Malawi Muslim Women at Malawi Sun Hotel on Wednesday, September 8 in Blantyre.

Pastor Terry Jones told reporters yesterday that  “despite receiving pressure in the direction of cancelling, As of this time, we have no intention of cancelling [the] event,” the situation which creates more tensions among Muslims and other non-Muslim across the globe.

“We have a strong reaction and US government condemns this action that Pastor [Terry Jones] in Florida is planning to burn Quran,” she said.

“US government is used to be tolerant and loving [therefore] blames the idea of burning any Holy book. Officials in Florida have prohibited the pastor from going ahead with his activities and if this continues to be true, legal action will be taken against them,” she added.

Before attending the dinner, deputy ambassador first visited MWO Orphanage Centre inorder to appreciate what the organization is doing towards the development of Muslim community in Malawi and said her government has put together a number of networks to work with more especially Muslim women.

“We have strong relationship with faith groups. We have put together a number of networks to work with-more specifically women in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To help them implement programs and provide assistance to children,” Said the Deputy US Ambassador.

Her Excellency also said the US government is putting much effort in the education sector because they realize that education is a human right for all.

“Education for all is a human right and we are closely working with Malawi government to extend education for a long term. We already have peace corps volunteers working throughout Malawi-some are working in communities. We also support teachers training and we are hoping to see a more extended program in educating a woman and a girl so that all should enjoy the partnership,” she said.

In her remarks, MWO chair lady Sister Asiyatu Lipenga expressed her gratitude to the Acting Ambassador for her historical visit.

“This is a milestone and an achievement to us as Muslim Women Organization because for an ambassador from great a nation like America coming to Malawi and appreciating our work, it shows that the world is recognizing us.”

Sister Lipenga also asked other Muslim organizations to unite if they want to succeed in the development of Muslim community in Malawi saying “gossiping will just pull them down.”

“I want to tell other organizations to stop gossiping but work hard because the more you gossip; the more you pull yourselves down. So, I ask for hardwork and unity among Muslims if  we want to succeed,” said Lipenga.


  1. We expect more from US side up to the point of cancellation of their programme.Thanks to Malawimuslim for the initiative.keep it up!

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