Uladi Vows to Continue using Islamic slogans during political rallies

    Mussa: No one can stop me
    Mussa: No one can stop me

    Outspoken Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Uladi Mussa has said there is nothing to stop him from using Islamic slogan during Political rallies.

    These remarks come after Mussa who belongs to the ruling People’s Party has attracted condemnation from fellow Muslims on his using of some important sayings of Islam such as Kalima (Laillaha Ilallah) when stressing a point against other opposition parties such as UDF and DPP.

    He stressed that there is no any wrong doing in using words like Laillaha Ilallah when emphasizing a political statement as that is said in predominantly Muslim areas only.

    He challenged those condemning his act saying he is a well versed Muslim who memorized the Holy book of Quran and knows where such words should not be said.

    “I know Islam-I know how to recite Quran from first chapter of Fatiha to the final chapter of Nas,” he said.

    He however asked people who are not happy with what he says during political rally to come forward and discuss with him.

    “I have been saying this when I was in UDF and while I was in DPP. I wonder what is wrong this time around,” wondered Musa.

    Mussa has been chanting the slogan at political rallies where he breaks into a series of songs from various denominations, symbolising the demise of Peoples Party’s foes.

    Few months ago, a group calling itself the Lilongwe Muslim Concern complained  to Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) over what it called the desecration and trivialisation of Islam by Mussa when he is making speeches at  PP rallies.


    1. Tiye nazoni bwaana Hafeez, hahahaha! from chane golo to Hafeez abale chisilamu chavuta pamalawi ‘i have been saying this when iwa in UDF, and DPP, Whats wrong now saying it in PP? pepani bwana change golo mwayiwala chipani chanu chija kaya kuti mukwanitse 4, maravi party hahaha! ndiye kuti ndinu a prostitute andale, tell us which party are you tomorrow?

    2. Number one enemy of islam today is a muslim.Those criticising mr mussa are doing so simply because he currently does not belong to the UDF.
      The past two years Malawian students studying in sudan have been complaing of illtreatment.They have been saying that their menu is a bun with pumpkin or potato soup yet nobody including MAM is concerned about this.
      If it was that those who are martreating these students were non muslims,it could have something else.
      N.B.Not all muslims are believers,some of them are munafiqna.

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