Urgent Appeal for Needy Medicine Student


Hanifa Kassim
Hanifa Kassim

“She scored 10 points on her Malawi Secondary School Certificate of Education (MSCE)”

“She was selected to study Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine (for 6 years)”

“She has not been allowed to register at the college because her parents cannot raise MK 275,000 (US$600)”

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Such is the heartbreaking story of Hanifa Kassim, a needy, 18 year old Muslim girl from Saiti Mgawe Village, T/A Mponda in Mangochi. She could see her dreams of becoming a doctor shattered in front of her eyes, if urgent financial assistance does not come to her rescue immediately.

The alarm has been raised by Mr Abdul-Aziz Yassin Project Director of Mai Aisha Trust who met the girl. Classes at the College of Medicine have commenced, but being a self-sponsored student, the girl has not been allowed to register because she has not paid her tuition fees.

Her tuition fee per academic year is MK275,000 (approx. US$600).

“If any of you talked to the girl right now, she will break in tears. Her future seems to be deciding otherwise, if no remedy is taken as soon as yesterday….She is a young girl in a hijab, projecting all the impression that she is a strong Muslim girl. Her communication skills gives the confidence that she could be one of our great Muslim lady doctors in Malawi,” wrote Mr Yassin.

Mr Yassin further reports that Hanifa did her secondary school at St Mary’s Secondary School in Zomba, where a Catholic nun (Headmistress) , spotted her dire need for school fees and recommended her to the Iceland International to pay for her tuition throughout her secondary education. Iceland International is not in a position to continue paying at college level.

Despite spending four solid years in Catholic secondary school and being assisted by Catholics, Hanifa kept her faith in  Islam and it is now time that Muslims should urgently step in to assist our future woman doctor.

Apart form the tuition fees, Hanifa needs accommodation and other school necessities for the 6 years course duration.

Please redirect your zakaat or Lillahi funds to sponsor Hanifa Kassim to become of Muslim woman doctor in Malawi.

Contact Mr Abdul Aziz Yassin on cheyassin@yahoo.com or abdulaziz.yassin@maiaisha.com. Or you can contact Malawi Muslims Website and we will immediately link up with Mr Yassin.