We Are Open to Constructive Criticism –MAM

    Dr Salmin Omar: Everyone is most welcome.
    Dr Salmin Omar: Everyone is most welcome

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) says its doors are open for fair criticisms from Muslims regardless of their class for the betterment of the religion in the country.

    The association’s General Secretary Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar Idruss said this during a press briefing held at Quran House in Blantyre which was aimed at informing the Journalists on what strides MAM has made in the past two years under the leadership of Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    Sheikh Idruss said his association acknowledges that it can’t manage to register achievements without input from individual Muslims.

    “As Muslims, we need to live as children of the same family by assisting each other in one way or the other. Gossiping, backbiting won’t take us anywhere. But by offering constructing criticisms will help us all Muslims to forge ahead in several aspects of development,” he said.

    The current administration since it was ushered into power over 2 years ago has been facing criticism from different quarters including those who failed in MAM’s previous election.

    Recently there was a Ramadhan convention held in Blantyre in which facilitators are said to have accused MAM of failing to rectify some of the challenges Muslims in the country are facing.

    But Sheikh Salmin Omar was quick to outline some of the association’s achievements citing the drilling of borehole in remote areas, developing a strategic plan. Review of constitution, rejuvenating the relationship with Kuwait and this year’s provision of Iftar to the poor Muslims.

    He admitted that there might be some areas where the organisation is not doing well due to financial constraints but “that does not render Muslims an opportunity to be castigating the leadership of MAM” instead of offering solutions.