Who is your God?


    Most people are outraged upon hearing this question,”What do you mean, who is your god? My god is the creator of the heavens and earth.”And most of these people will be shocked to find out that their proclaimation that their god is the creator of the heavens and the earth is no more than lip service, and that they are in fact destined for hell fire.(Q12v106).

    Your god is whoever or what ever occupies your mind most of the time!!!!!!

    Your god can be your children(Q7v190), your god can be your spouse (Q9v24), your business (18v35),or your ego(25v43). This is why we note that one of the most important and most repeated commandments in the quran is: “Oh you who believe, you shall remember God frequently;glorify Him day and night” This has been with an aim to secure our imaan to the true God all the time.

    To put this commandment into practice, we must establish certain habits whereby we guarantee that God occupies our minds more than anything else.The Quran helps us establish such soul saving habits:

    1.The contact prayers(salaat):those who observe the 5 daily prayers come a long way towards commemorating God a significant proportion of their working hours.Salat helps us remember God not only during the few minutes of prayer, but also throughout the times of anticipation.At 11:00AM, one may look at his or her watch to see if the noon prayer is due yet.This act causes one to think about God,and one is credited accordingly(20v14)

    2.Commemorete God before eating:Q6v121 enjoins us to mention God,s name before we eat:”you shall not eat from that which God,s name has not been mentioned”.

    3.God willing(INSHAALLAH): You shall not say, “I will do this or that tomorrow, without saying,God willing'(INSHAALLAH). if you forget to do this, then apologise and say,’may my Lord guide me to do better next time'”(18v24).This is a direct commandment that we must carry out, no matter who we are talking with.

    4.God,s gift (Mashaallah):To invoke God,s protection for our beloved objects-our children, our cars,our homes,etc,-we are enjoined in Q18v39 to say “MAA SHAA ALLAH”meaning (This is God,s gift)

    5.Glorify God day and night:when we eat anything,we shouldn’t be like animals;we must reflect on God’s creation of the food we are eating-the flavor, our enjoyment due to the senses God has given us,the perfect packaging of the banana or the orange, the varieties of sea foods created by God,etc- and glorify Him as we enjoy His provisions.When we see a beautiful flower, or animal, or sunsets, we must glorify God.We must seize every possible opprtunity to remember and glorify God, so that God the Creator may be OUR GOD.

    6.First utterance:Make it a habit to say:”In the name of God , most Gracious, most Merciful.There is no other god besides God,”the moment you wake up every morning.If youestablish this good habit,inshaallah,This is what you will utter when you are ressurected yaum l’qiyama

    Wassalam alayikoum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.