Why I am I called a Muslim?


One day while I was sitting in my cold room, I asked myself that why I am I supposed to be called a Muslim. Is it because my parents and relatives are all originally Muslims? Rather, is it because I am a follower of Islam? It took me time to think as my answers were beyond my imagination.

I took my pen, a paper, and start writing until I realized that I am a Muslim because I believe in monotheism. That is to say, I believe in the oneness of God. I surrendered my life and swore on the sight of God that none is worthy to be worshipped than Him and that Muhammad (SAW) is His last messenger. It is not that because I am a Yao by tribe as some people confuse these two things. A Yao and a Muslim are two different people as you can be a Yao without being a Muslim the same as being an Arab it doesn’t mean that you are a Muslim. So, please stop to call me ‘Mjomba’ while referring a ‘Muslim’.

I am a Muslim because I love Islam. Islam teaches peace and harmony. Who don’t love peace? I feel pity when I find some people associating Islam with terrorism. Islam is not about terrorism and it totally against terrorism. The most common reactions I face are – strange, violent, terrorist, fanatic, weird, militant, etc. I am also the first suspect if a bomb blasts in my city today. Overall, that does not stop me to love Islam because I know that it is none to do with my beautiful religion.

I am a Muslim because I believe in angels and all prophets. I believe in Abraham and his noble sacrifice, in Ishmael and Isaac, in Jesus and his miraculous birth. I believe in Adam and in Eve, in Noah and the blessed ark, in Solomon and his mighty kingdom, in Jacob and his favourite Joseph, in Jonah in the belly of the whale, in Moses and the sea that parted for the Israelites, in Elijah and the patience of Job, in Lot and the wretched of Sodom, in David and his victory over Goliath. I believe in the last and most beloved messenger of Allah, who is none other than Muhammad (SAW), a man of his integrity.

As a human being, you need to help your friend in need. Therefore, I am a Muslim because Islam encourages me to share with the little I have, whether it is money or knowledge. God has commanded me to do so and I am enjoying it.

I am a Muslim because I like fasting. I saw that I have been eating everyday but without getting fat. I have tried to do some wonderful cooking but nothing had really changed my silhouette. Therefore, I did not worried when Muhammad came and showed me my favourite book, the Holy Quran and when I sneaked one verse, I saw the word written ‘Ramadhan’- an Arabic word of which if we can use Oxford dictionary for translation, it would mean ‘fasting’. So, I enjoy fasting that is why I am a Muslim.

As young man, I don’t like to miss any call on my phone and if I do, I try to call back. However, when Islam came, it had asked me not to miss ‘5 missed prayer calls’ per day. Then I saw it was easy and important for me as there is no airtime to fritter. That is why I am a Muslim and I love it.

There are numerous reasons why I am a Muslim but my editor can’t allow me to put all of them here because of space.