Live Program: Will Jelous Take Us Anywhere?


    Muslims in Malawi have been standing on the pulpit, castigating each other for their own personal interests. Some go on blame our friends of Asian origin that they swindle donors money. Now, we want to hear from you in this our live coverage.

    Will Jelousy take us anywhere?


    1. its not good talking much about other people's failures instead of correcting them for the benefit of all.Good it is to encourage the spirit of self reliance in developmental activities begining from our locations.There are muslims who are blessed with reasonable finance but are not interested to indulge themselves in developmental activities even within their localities.What would it benefit wasting time jealousing others instead of you doing what you feel that other person is failing to do? Its high time we muslims have depended on asians lest we start doing it alone!

    2. My respected Sheikhs jealous wil take islam nowhere dont blame your freinds as if you have smthng to give to the malawi muslim ummah yet all you want is personal benefits the asians you are blaming have contributed alot to growth of islam in mw than any other groups, resolve you matters islamically are you intentions of becoming MAM officials real or you want to deal with other muslim group. One islam one ummah

    3. It is indeed retrogressive to the development of Islam in Malawi.leaders are not supposed to castigete each other.if one's passion is to serve Islam,it doesnt require one to be an executive member of MAM.It is because of this that others think our muslim brothers of Asian original misuse donor them no one can use his personal wealth for the course of Allah.the moment an individual does that,they will start accusing them of having obtained donor funds.let us work as a team.correct one another when one goes wrong instead of embarassing each other.may Allah help us reform from this habbit.

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