Worshippers at Madina Masjid in Mpingwe Cries Foul Over Long Jumah Service

    Madinah Masjid: Photo-Flikr
    Madinah Masjid: Photo-Flikr

    Worshippers at Madinah Masjid at Mpingwe, Blantyre have urged the masjid’s authorities to change the timing of the Jumuah prayer complaining that the current prayer time makes them to be in conflict with their working time.

    The worshippers, who come from the surrounding companies like Unilever, Stancom Tobacco, Robray, ADMARC and others complained after their colleagues from Unilever were cautioned by their superiors for reporting late to work from lunch on Fridays.

    The workers said they are given a lunch break from 12pm to 1pm but the Jumah prayers (at Mpingwe Masjid) finishes around 1.20pm, which doesn’t augur well with their employers as it takes another 10 to 20 minutes to walk from the Masjid to their workplace.

    They said that prayers at other masajid end in good time but the problem is that the they are far away from their workplaces.

    They further added that the Muslims have tough decisions to make, either to go to the Masjid and face the employer’s wrath on return or remain indoors hoping that things would change in the future.

    “Many are (now) not going for prayers because of the timings. Please make the committee understand that not everyone is privileged with (cars for) transport …please ask them to consider favorably to change the timing. Even on normal days the noon prayers start late and finish after 1pm,” complained one of the concerned Muslims.

    Efforts to contact the authorities at the masjid proved futile.

    Malawi being a secular state does not grant any privilege to Muslims during swalaat hence making them to find their own times to fulfill this obligation. This in turn makes many Muslims miss swalaat  during working hours.


    1. Salaam,
      I think this article was unnecessary. If you are being instigated by someone to write or maybe need more hits on your page then come up with something better. All companies know that Muslims attend prayers on Friday and will respect them coming abit late. Wether they pray @ kanjedza, limbe, Mudi or madina! None of then can get back to work by 1pm. If people were to discuss what was spoken in their masajid they would have appreciated madina much more. Jumma doesn’t end at 1 20. It ends at 1. This only happens once in 6 weeks. Why don’t they directly ask those doing bayan? Its just an old habit in our community. They look for taraweeh that ends 5 mins earlier. I can guarantee u, if u were to look at what they do after sunnah, u will see them chatting outside, yet when the imam take 5 more mins, they can’t tolerate sitting in the masjid? Who told them jummah bayan HAS to end by a certain time? Its just a guideline I believe, if we begin to entertain these thoughts, then soon there will be complaints of namaz being too long, and imam taking too much time in dua etc. On the other hand we have people (african and asian) who want bayans by strong/respected ulama more often, they feel more inspired to follow the deen. It is for these people who are in a majority, a bayan is scheduled before khutbah.

      • The late President Prof Bingu wa Muthangira declared that Muslims should work half day on Fridays. Does this declaration not apply to every Muslim regardless of where he or she is working?

    2. The commetee of the Madina Masjid should discuss about time of starting Juma prayers and end time they can start Bayaan 12:15 finnishing 12:40 khutbah from 12:44 to 12:53 juma Namaz 12:55 by 13:00 or 13:05 juma namaz finnished, inshaallah. My advise to workers please discuss to yo componies officials, let them know that yu going for Juma and they should also know that its yo big day so that only yu muslims they should give yu like 1hr and 30min atleast 1hr 4 juma and 30mins 4 lunch only fridays. Once again officials of Madina masjid consider about Juma namaz programme, my request to all muslims around the country go to Juma Namaz early, please, yu will get more thawaab, khutba will start early yu will knock off early, inshaallah

    3. @ Madina musallee, pliz understand, not all organizations respect Islam/Muslims and their beliefs. So telling these brothers to discuss with their company bosses might not be that easy, but us as Muslims lets just understand each other and adjust the time reasonably, to accommodate our brothers, if it is possible, basi. There is no need for you to castigate Malawi Muslims editors or anyone. Simple understanding and knowing what is possibe and not. Don’t bring many issues over one simple matter. If it is possible adjust, if it is not leave it. Allah knows better.

    4. Remember one thing that Salaat is Fardh thing, its up to you to choose Salaat or work after all its just few minutes of prayers, why complaining Brothers. Go tell those Bosses that you do go for prayers

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