You Will Either Be Smoked Out or Choose Being a Slave


What Bashar al Asad of Syria is doing is both islamically and humanely unacceptable. The US, UN and  EU countries have joined hands in condemning him. But who cares for Western support  in Syria anyway. I want Bashar al  Asad gone because of his merciless killings. I know that the UN,US and EU want him gone too, but its just because he did not share some Syrian resources with them.

The whole drama started in Tunisia then spilled over Egypt.  It’s easy to understand that both these countries were great allies of the Western countries. It was dramatic how Israel went into panic as a former Egyptian ‘leader’ was being pushed further away from his own ‘ ship’s edge’. The Muslim masses did not cut down their efforts. They wanted to do away with the pawns of the ‘Western powers’ once and for all.

But what were the Western masters doing by that time? Did they intervene millitarily?… No! They waited untill they were pretty sure that the pressure was too much for them to hide.  The  West knew that they were losing ground in Tunisia. Eventually, they  grudgingly agreed to the fact that they were also about to lose another key ally in Egypt. To be on the safe side, they proposed an ‘orderly transition’ of both Tunisian and Egyptian governments.  It was bothersome because they did not explain what they meant with that phrase.

Open double standards

As expected, It was then the libyans’ turn. But  the then leader, Muammar Gaddafi, responded with an iron fist. Yemeni president used the same tactic.  Ali Abdullah Saleh bombed and killed his own people.  Most of those who lost their lives in Yemen were civilians.

But how did the US and its allies responded to the situations on hand?  Did they also propose the ‘orderly transition’ of governance in Libya as much as they had suggested for Egypt?

Well, the West technically bombed  Gaddafi’s soldiers and weapons in the name of protecting civillians in Libya. On the other hand, the West turned the blind eye to the massacre of Yemeni civilians.  In fact, the US in particular,  helped the Yemeni government in bombing and killing civilians!

One wonders, why do the West respond differently  to the same problem?

Well, history teaches us that if you do not give your resources and do not do what the US and the Western masters want, then you end up being smoked out even if it means sending assassins.

As for Muslims, we only have one master and that is Allah, we serve Him and in His name we resist oppression, in His name we fight, we know that if we depend on others (disbelievers) then our doom is granted. Hence in Him, we trust.

The views expressed in this article are solely for the author and doesn’t reflect to the views of Malawi Muslims Official Website.