Zanzibar University graduates 43 Malawian students


43 Malawian students have graduated in various disciplines at Zanzibar University on Wednesday.

Among other disciplines include Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Business Information Technology, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance ,Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management, Bachelor of Laws , Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering and Master in Economics and Finance.

Malawi Muslim Website had an exclusive interview with one graduate, Hashim Mtelerah Hilaal who was studying Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Business Information Technology.

Mtelerah told Malawi Muslim Website that he will use skills acquired to play a role in developing Malawi.

“As Malawi is advancing in technology sector there will be a need for professionals that can help in creating a safe and secure web environment such that citizens should not suffer in the hands of internet fraud and many other challenges that can affect the efficiency of technology and its fruits towards the development of the nation at large,”

“In that way as Information Technology (IT) person I can play a big role in security, healthy and many other sectors that lead to the economic growth of Malawi,” he says.

Mtelerah says during his first years in Zanzibar island,Tanzania langauge was a challenge.

“I was exposed to new environment and language was a barrier during the first years because most Zanzibaris prefer using their native language, Swahili than English,”

“To overcome this barrier, I and my fellow International students stepped up and forced ourselves to cope with the new environment and learn their culture and language such that communication is simplified so that we could be interacting with one another and help each other in academics,” he says.

Mtelerah advises fellow youth to be focused if they want to realise their dreams in life.

“It is well known that most of the youth end their search for further education after completing O-level certificate (MSCE) which is more worrisome to the Islamic community. Islam us regardless of age , gender and background to search for education such that we can defend our communities from all perspectives,”

“Education is like a lake, not everyone steps where others stepped. Let’s focus on learning in different aspects and professionals such that when our time to lead the nation comes it should find us well established and well educated such that we may lead our lovely nation into prosperity,” Mtelerah says.

Many Malawians studied at Zanzibar University and they are now contributing positively to the socio-economic growth of Malawi.