Zomba Rural Among the Beneficiaries of the 100 Masjid Project of MAM


    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has asked for more support from the Muslims in the country, in order to achieve its vision of constructing good and long lasting Masjids and other infrastructures across the country.

    MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad made the call during the official opening of Gondwa Masjid in Group Village Headman Chaweza in the Traditional Authority Mwambo in Zomba district.


    Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad declares Gondwa Mosque officially opened

    Sheikh Idrissah reiterated that Muslim Association of Malawi has secured funding to construct 100 Masjids across the country in 2016 and Zomba district is one of the beneficiaries.

    “Significantly I commend MAM committee for Zomba district under the leadership of Sheikh Konda, for spearheading unity among Muslims in Zomba, and that Zomba will benefit from the 100 Masjid project,” he said.

    The chairman of MAM said that the 100 Masjid project will concentrate its construction in the rural areas, because its where there are many Muslims.

    He also promised Muslims that he will distribute food relief items to the district as he has been doing with other districts across the country.


    Sheikh Aubi Jumah: Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad will win with a landslide victory

    Speaking on the same event the MAM Vice Chairman for Zomba district Sheikh Abdul Rashid Aubi Jumah made pronouncements saying,there is no need for MAM to conduct elections, since the current leader meets all the expectations the Muslims in Malawi.

    “Am very worried since a MAM election discriminates, it doesn’t give a chance to everyone to vote had it been that it is possible for everyone to vote, it would be good but with all hope Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad will win.”


    Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad assisting Madrassah students with clothes

    Gondwa Masjid has been constructed with the funds from Dubai Charity Association and it has costed over 5 million kwacha.