Inkosi Mkukula Advises Subjects to Follow Coronavirus Precuationary Measures


Inkosi Mkukula of Dowa district , has advised his subjects to always follow precautionary measures that government has put in place to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country .

Inkosi Mkukula said Coronavirus is real and is preventable, encouraging his subjects to always wash hands with soap, avoid body contacts and hand shaking, avoid gatherings of over 50 people and observing social distance, among others.

Speaking during the elevation of Group village woman Kameta to Senior Group, Inkosi Mkukula advised all Chiefs under him in his area to avoid receiving bribes and corruption saying these two retard developments of an area.

Inkosi Mkukula encouraged chiefs to spearhead development projects in their respective areas other than relying on government and NGOs to develop their areas.

“We have a duty to initiate development projects in our respective areas. We should not just be sitting down waiting for NGOs and government to come with developments, be development conscious,” emphasizes Inkosi Mkukula.

In his remarks, Senior Group headman Basikete hailed the newly elevated Senior Group woman Kameta that beside of being a woman, she is a hard worker and has a vision to develop her area.

Senior Group Basikete said Kameta is a role model among the women taking a chieftainship position urging all school going girls to emulate such an example that they have to take decision making positions in their respective areas.

He advised fellow chiefs surrounding Kameta such as Zuze, Lumbanga and Kameta to work hand in hand with the newly elevated chief for the projects to be implemented in the interest of all.

Speaking in an interview after being elevated as Senior Group woman Kameta, her real name, Fanny Kameta said she is happy and ready to take up the challenging job competing against men in developnent projects, calling upon NGOs imlementing projects in the district to come to her area .

Senior Group woman Kameta assured all of her subjects that she will work closely with Inkosi Mkukula to see to it that whatever cake Inkosi Mkukula receives, her area should not be spared interms of development projects.

During the ceremony, Mr. Frank Kameta, was introduced as Group village head Kameta.