KOTN events organises fundraising event for children at Central hospital cancer ward


KOTN events has organised a fundraising event called Lilongwe Family Picnic which will take place on 20 December, 2020 at Golf Club in Lilongwe and the event will start 10 am.

KOTN has organised the event with the aim of raising funds which will be donated to central hospital paedeatric cancer ward.

One of the organisers of the event who is also Marketing and events Manager at KOTN Miss Gina Patel said they have organised the event to create a platform where families and businesses owners get to network and also on the important part to raise funds for children who are fighting cancer at Central hospital.

“As KOTN we believe that giving back to those in need helps to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and growth, the fulfilling feeling of contributing to the society is unparalleled, so during this festive season we want to put a smile and give hope to those children fighting cancer, to also remind them that they are fighting cancer and they are not alone, people out there are keeping them close to their hearts”,said Patel.

She also noted that the money they will collect from the event will be used to buy some necessities and other materials for the children.

“We will use some of the money which will be collected on the event to buy them some necessities as you know these children do lack a lot especially necessities, also this will be according to the proceeds on the day but we are hoping that maybe if we can buy something like a machine for them fix other things for them so that they can have the long run”,said Patel.

She then pleaded to well wishers, different Organization to take part at the event by helping them with anything.

At this event they are going to be different activities which includes, family games, jumping, castle beer, games, shisa nyama, 6 aside soccer tournament and live performances. The event will be rotating and next year is Blantyre.