Muslim Youth Foundation Celebrates Eid-Adha with Amidu Muslims


As Muslims around the world are celebrating the Qurban period, Muslim Youth foundation(MYF) has on Wednesday slaughtered and distributed meat to people at Amidu Village and Surrounding villages in Traditional Authority Mbwatalika in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the activity, Programs Manager for the foundation, Jaffar Jameson, said they are following the teachings of islam about the Qurban period by slaughtering animals and sharing the meat to everyone so that everyone can enjoy eid ul Adha.

He added that they managed to raise funds to buy goats and Cows among others through the donations different members of the organization and other people donated for the activity to hold.

He added that they expect to reach out to a lot of Muslims across the country

Jameson then urged youths in the country to take part in deen activities hence spreading Islam.

“Being youths mean we are more energetic. We need to use our energy to bring change and impact to Islam and Muslim ummah at large. We have a lot of challenges in the society and we need to use our capabilities to solve such challenges,” Jameson says.

In his remarks, One of the beneficiaries, Ashraf Asima who is an imam at one of the masjids the activity took place, Appreciated Muslim Youth foundation for choosing to do Qurban in the area.

He said the foundation has taught people around the area to do charity works.

Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF) qurban initiative has benefited over 500 Muslims in Lilongwe, Salima and Zomba districts.