Nalikule College of Education Muslim students to launch association


Muslim students at Nalikule College of Education in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe have geared to launch their association this semester.

Speaking in interview with Malawi Muslim Website, one of the Muslim students at the college, Amina Mussa says it is good to have the association to strengthen their Islamic knowledge and unity.

“We are planning to launch our Nalikule College of Education Muslim Students Association in the fourth week of this semester. We already discussed about the idea last semester,”

“Having the association will help us to be one as Muslim students. And also through the association , we shall be able to share the concepts of Islam,” Mussa told Malawi Muslim Website.

The third year Bachelor of Science Education, Major in Human Ecology student says the association will be working hand in hand with associations in other colleges and universities.

“We are going to adopt activities of our sister associations to be done during the launch and we shall be coordinating with other Muslim Students Associations (MSA’s, through National Muslim Students Association (NAMSA),”she says.

Nalikule College of Education (NCE) has 12 Muslim students. The college will clock four years in January ,2020.

Muslim students in colleges and universities form associations to facilitate their activities.

All the associations are guided by National Muslim Students Association, a national body for Muslim students in the country.