No Sheikh Under MAM Gets Below Minimum Wage


Malawi Muslims Official Website has learnt that no single sheikh employed by the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) receives a salary below the recommended minimum wage set by the Malawi government.

The revelation comes following what other quarters of Muslim society has been fabricating on social media against the Muslims’ mother body.

According to the reports, it is alleged that sheikhs under MAM receive as low as MK35,000 as their monthly salary.

However, our investigation has revealed that the sheikhs, 74 in total, under the association receive more than Mk50,000 per month which is above the government’s set minimum wage.

In an interview with the acting Executive Director of the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Rhad Kangomba, people are spreading false information either to achieve their ill motives or they don’t have the correct information.

“On our paysheet, there is no single sheikh under our organisation who receives less than Mk50,000. The allegations levelled against MAM just show that people have chosen to spread lies to achieve their ulterior motives. What I can say is that there is no truth in such information and our door is open for those who want to get correct information other than spreading lies in social media,” he said.

He however added that should there be sheikhs who get below minimum wage are those that are under other organisations.

Sheikh Rhad then cleared that MAM as an organisation has no mandate to dictate the affairs of those organisations supporting sheikhs.

“MAM was the leading organisation with a number of madrassas throughout the country. With the coming in of other organisations and financial challenges [that crippled the association], some of the madrassas were handed over to our working partners. So, it may be that some sheikhs under those organisations get the alleged amount but we have no proof,” said the acting executive director.

For the past weeks, social media was awash with allegations that MAM leadership is misappropriating the donor-fund but no single person has come open with concrete proof to substantiate the claims.

The leadership has been clear in its responses that there is no such a thing at the institution otherwise the donors would have already pulled out their assistance.

Addressing the journalists in Blantyre on November 22, MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad urged Muslims in Malawi to stop falling for dependency syndrome and start making contributions to the association.

He wondered why Muslims in Malawi especially black Muslims enjoy receiving instead of giving yet the Quran is clear on the importance of giving.

“Let us contribute first before we start accusing our leaders of misappropriation of funds made by others who are satisfied with the outcome of the usage of their money. You haven’t contributed anything but you are alleging that MAM is abusing money meant for Muslims. Yet, the donors who fund our projects always complement our activities that’s why they continue supporting us. So, I wonder which money?” asked the chairman.